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pot of tea  3.0     iced tea  2.75 / 3.25


16oz / 24oz




​english breakfast (russian caravan) – this traditional blend of fine black teas from china yields a soft, slightly smoky and sweet brew. caffeinated.


blue flower earl grey – this classic blend of tea and fragrance is flavored with soothing bergamot oil and accented with blue cornflower petals. caffeinated.




pu-erh an aged tea with a pungent camphor aroma and flavors of mushroom and cocoa. caffeinated.





phoenix oolong this legendary chinese oolong is a combination of orange, mango and pineapple fruit flavors and a magnolia floral bouquet. caffeinated.




china green jade this delicious everyday organic green tea with long twisted leaves yields a buttery liquor with a variety of vegetal flavors and a subtle sweet finish. caffeinated.




mint (greek) this original version of the popular herbal tea is wild harvested in greece and the flavor very aromatic, smooth, buttery, but not sharp. no caffeine.

red zen harmonious, organic herbal blend of hibiscus, orange peel, lemon grass, lavender, cloves, licorice root and stevia (sweet leaf). the red liquor is pleasantly tart, sweet and spicy. no caffeine.

ginger lemon



rooibos decorated this red bush herbal tea from south africa is blended with blue cornflowers, orange peel and vanilla for a flavor that is smooth and citrusy sweet. no caffeine.


tea lattes

mark’s chai spice latte our own recipe for the traditional indian heavy bodied black tea with an exotic spice mix, including cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and ginger. caffeinated.

green tea (matcha) latte made from premium tencha green tea powder, this drink is rich, smooth, vegetal and sweet. a unique, delicious, healthful and energy boosting green tea beverage. caffeinated.


london fog (earl grey) latte this blend of tea and fragrance is flavored with bergamot oil and accented with blue cornflower petals. caffeinated.


rooibos latte this red bush tea has unique flavor is rich yet soft, with hints of citrus and vanilla. the orange-red liquor displays a citrus-like sweetness and natural vanilla flavor that blends well with steamed milk. no caffeine.

iced tea

traditional black a blend of full leaf varieties, with an assam gfbops, yielding a fruity and bright flavor, with a glowing amber color. caffeinated.

thai tea (seasonal) inspired by the iced tea served in thai restaurants and tea from wild tea trees growing in the north of thailand, this exotic drink combines slightly smoky china black teas with rare spices and herbs. caffeinated. summer.

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